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An attentve, dynamic and untiring fishing guide

Hello, my name is Iván and I will try to share my river-side fishing experiences in this blog.

Here you will find stories, ideas, arguments, curiosities and thoughts based on photographs and videos that I found interesting.

Hope you like it!!

To be in the right place to sleep could improve the quality of your experience.

After seven years in this world, I finally achieved the most satisfying fishing trip of my life.

This practice is still unknow. It would be better if you fish with guide´s help.

I especially remind this trip with this Southafrican angler.

Hunting, fishing and loving have more in common than we would think.

I feel really lucky to live near spots like the one of the pic.

We gave a new name to this attractor fly in Patagonia.

An exciting experience in the snow.

Fishing allows us discover how we are.

Fly – fishing for Native Brown Trout in the Pyrenees of Spain

An example of native brown Trout in Europe.

It is possible to find this kind of fish in some streams, rivers and lakes in the Pyrenees.

Good memories from the past thanks to this pic.

Fishing in remote places in the Pyrenees.

A good guide is the one who knows what the guest is looking for.

A real instructive trip in northern Aragón.

A sensasional trip in Patagonia with Iván.