Sight fishing for trout in Chilean Patagonia

Fly Fishing trips in Patagonia, Chile

I have always loved trips to far away places because I have always thought that they were magical due to the quality of the fishing, the solitude and the boldness of the trout taking my fly.

After 7 seasons spent sizing up new places fishing guides, lodges fishing spots I finally achieved the most satisfying fishing trip of my life.

Just imagine a lake. The crystal clear water is between two andsix 6 feet deep and teeming with trout between 16 to 34 in cheslong that are in constant movement. Yes, just full of trout thatare instantly attracted to any fly that lands on the watersurface. Incredible but true. So true in fact that I am organising more trips to this destination to enjoy the quantity and quality o the fishing with other anglers. If you are interested, you can find more information on the website, in IvánTarín´s trips in the section “About SALVELINUS” Trip to Lago Perdido.

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