Fishing and Eating

Fly Fishing Lodge in Patagonia, Chile

The photo says it all really. What more do you want? Surroundedby nature, trout waters in front of our table and an anglerseeing his rod bend against the pull of a fish. This is theadvantage of staying at a fishing lodge or cabin that is reallyclose to the water.

In Coyhaique, in the Chilean Patagonia, we organise only fishingtrips with lodges and cabins located next to the waters. This waywe save a lot of time that otherwise would be spent driving alongroads which are far from perfect. The time saved is spentfishing, eating and have a nap!

If you are taking a fishing trip to Patagonia, make sure thatdriving to your destination is not going to take up half the day.If you don´t, you may end up discovering that the fishing trip ofa lifetime has been spoilt because you spent half the time stuckin an SUV grappling with dirt roads. Well, it sounds so obvious,but fishing destinations sometimes change and what was a greatplace 15 years may now be far worse than a new hot spot a far wayoff.

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