My friend Durick

Fly Fishing trips in Patagonia

My friend Durick on a fishing trip in Argentinean Patagonia on waters that are widely considered to be the world´s best for wild rainbow trout.

Durick is a South African angler with whom I have shared several fishing trips to the Pyrenees of northern Spain and to Patagonia.

You can see how happy we are in the photo. It was taken in Argentina´s Jurassic Lake

That photo helped me realise how different people and, of course, anglers are. While staying at the lodge I met a group of anglers. They told me they were not too happy with the size of the fish they were catching. I asked them for more details and they replied that they had each caught from 15 to 20 trout but none weighing more than 9 pounds! Jurassic Lake is home to 20 pounders – the group´s targets – but we are talking about trout that are not only hard to locate but also extremely wary. But I still think they were mistaken to consider a 9 pound trout as “small”

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