Setting the hook in fly fishing or taking possession of the quarry

Histories about Fishing, Hunting and Romance

I was guiding a friend of mine – a good angler - up in the Pyrenees as I do every season. Suddenly he stopped and asked me what romance, hunting and angling had in common. Well, I thought about it for a while and then confessed that I couldn´t really see that they had anything in common. He explained that in love, hunting and fishing what drives us is the act of possession. Possession of one´s lover, the shot when hunting resulting in the “possession” of the quarry or the moment the fish takes your fly...

If we stop to think there is a lot of truth in what my good friend claimed.. Most anglers hold their breath until the fish is safely in the landing net. Certainly I suffer when I catch a trophy sized fish and it takes ages to slip into the landing net. I don´t want it to suffer but I certainly don´t want it to slip the hook and get away! I want to hold the fish, and feel that I have won, in short, that I have possessed it.

That is why I titled the photo “The Moment of Possession” It was taken floating down the River Verde in Argentina. I think you can see how happy my friend Rob was when he managed to net the fish after a long struggle.

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