The river reveals what each person is really like

Fly fishing histories in Spain

A river often reveals what each person is really like. For example, the same situation, let’s say losing a trophy fish triggers off different reactions. Some anglers get really angry not only with themselves but with everybody else. Some anglers try and fathom out why they lost the fish whereas others consider the loss was inevitable. Some overanalyse everything and reach the surprising conclusion that the best way not to have lost the fish was not to have made the trip! Well, perhaps I´m exaggerating a little but some anglers really think too much about incidents like losing a fish.

Another situation that tends to crop up is when the fish aren´t taking the fly. Some anglers think that it is not the best day for fishing. On the other hand, some anglers claim there are no fish in the river and then get furious with the guide because they have been taken to a barren stretch of water.

Some anglers think about the possible reasons and analyse the weather or the conditions of the river. Other anglers think that the culprit is their choice or lack of fly while others go through how they have fished that particular stretch of water to see if they are at fault.

The most aggressive anglers vent their frustration by insulting the guide or some innocent swimmer who was in the water a long way off and out of sight! A wide range of reactions which reveals people in their true colours and also shows us that fly fishing is far more than a mere sport or pastime.

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