We are all equal in the river

A photo from a fishing lodge in Spain

This photo taken at the La Jacetania Lodge in the Spanish Pyrenees is great – it was used by Redington on the cover of their catalogue - but the happiness on the child´s face mirrors the expression of many anglers I have guided on fishing trips in the Spanish Pyrenees and also Patagonia.

The photo also reminds me how happy I´ve been over the last 30 years rod in hand. It brings back memories of good friends and excellent anglers who – regardless of the years that have come and gone still live and fish each new day as if it were the first.

I don´t really know how many sport or pastimes are capable of producing these feelings, these reactions, over so many years, but the truth is that angling is special and as the catalogue cover shows we are all the same.

Published on Salvelinus

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