In search of brook trout in the Pyrenees of northeastern Spain

Fly Fishing for brook Trout in Spain

The brook trout is not only one of the most beautiful fish on the planet but also one of the most spectacular freshwater fish. A number of streams, rivers and lakes in the Pyrenees are home to the brook trout.

Brook trout are a very special species. Many were released in selected cold and oxygen rich waters of the Pyrenees of Spain more than 70 years ago; however, it has thrived only in a limited number of places.

The photo shows our good friend and pilot Txema. It looks as if he is heading into the mountain lake of glacial origin looking for brook trout! Fortunately that was not the case, well, I was aboard that flight and here I am now writing about the flight!

Every year I really enjoy organising a limited number of fishing trips for brook trout to the most remote lakes of the Pyrenees of northern Spain. We are talking about waters where brook trout reach sizes that are far in excess of those found in any other of the lakes that SALVELINUS guides have explored and fished in the last 40 years. The lakes are stunning – almost as stunning as the brookies that live there.

These waters are home to a healthy and balanced brook trout population - sizes range from 1 to 20 inches long. There are most probably far bigger trout in the deepest parts of the lakes that prey on smaller brook trout.

The best way to reach these glacial lakes is by helicopter. The alternative is to store all you require in a backpack and trek uphill for a few hours!

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