Extreme Fishing in the Pyrenees of Spain

Fly Fishing in Spain?

The truth is that ever since I was a youngster I have always felt a special yearning for fishing in places which nobody else could reach I have always felt something deep inside driving me on to discover, explore, and climb higher, walk and travel further and reach places that were as far away as possible with the sole aim of finding waters just teeming with trophy sized fish.

Obviously, this just doesn´t happen every time I walk or travel further than others. But it does happen sometimes and it is nearly always in places where other just can´t get to.

This time we were fishing in a very but very remote place. We had two options when it came to getting there: a five hour trek with snow shoes or making the trip by snowmobile. We chose the latter.

The Pyrenees of Spain are forbidding mountains and it doesn´t do to forget that. We were lucky that we managed to get back before our fishing spot was covered by the heaviest fall of snow of the year. If not, we would have been isolated for several days

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