Fly Fishing in Patagonia and something more

A letter of gratitude

Dear Iván,

I´m sorry to have taken so long but I needed the time to work out the best way to describe my feelings during the time I spent in Patagonia with SALVELINUS. It is not easy to start but I would like to say what a great time I had (in spite of the bad weather).

I enclose 4 photos – well, 8 actually! It was hard to choose from the 1000 taken by the group but I think the photos truly reflect our fishing trip.

This first photo - which you took in Ardillas - doesn`t really require a comment. It was a rainy day, fantastic fish and sight fishing too and caught on a dry fly. That was the whole idea of the trip, right? That in itself almost justified the trip! What a fantastic catch, it really brings back great memories!

A couple of days later it was still raining when we went with Javier to this “paradise lost” where we continued to sight fish with dry flies. What beautiful countryside! The flowers! And we saw a lot of snipes! The fish we caught were big and feisty. We all caught a lot of trouts. The following photo was taken on the Argentinean border the day you couldn´t accompany us. We saw a lot of very elusive trouts. Once again the countryside was stunning, different but beautiful.

The second lodge. What can I say? I was speechless. A major surprise in every sense of the word: remote, original, beautiful, different and staffed by really charming people: the guides and the kitchen staff. The visit to Juan Claudio´s mother to pick up a lamb for lunch. What an amazing person. The river keeper. Absolutely essential! I have fond memories of sharing an early morning cup of “mate”.

The pontoon craft like something out of a theme park. Great. The following photo corresponds to a really great day. The first sunny day. Crystal clear waters and a superb view over the Picacho. The trout were feeding on the surface but were hard to catch. What were they feeding on? It reminded me of home waters. Hard work! But at the end of the day we had caught a fair number of trout and hefty too. The expressions on the faces of those people in the photo need no further explanation. Charming people! So enthusiastic not only about life but fishing too! I have found memories of all of them.

No need to say anything! The prettiest trout of them all. Look at the size, the livery. And finally, Gerónimo with the biggest trout. What a giant! Just when I was going to hold it up for a photo it slipped and fell back into the water. The biggest trout I have ever caught. It was so beautiful.

Let me end by saying that it was a sensational trip and I hope to go on another one like it soon.

Many thanks Iván for your professional approach, your advice, your friendship, for reacting superbly in the most different situations.

Congratulations for the organization and the lodges (next time we´ll get to Baker! ) Congratulations SALVELINUS and to all of you who make it possible for people like me who love trout waters and nature for helping us enjoy nature through fly fishing.

Tight lines! As the Americans say and let us look forward to a great season.

We´ll keep in touch, Good fishing! And best regards.

Ramón Bassols

Barcelona, Spain

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