Unaltered ecosystems

A great experience in Canfranc

Just a few lines to express how much I enjoyed myself at the Canfranc – Station Lodge, during those days we spent fishing together.

Every angler enjoys catching fish. But as time goes by this initial feeling is refined into a higher stage and the real excitement comes from deceiving the fish into taking your fly whilst suffering the least harm possible in the process I discovered you shared this same sensibility and what is more we both share another step in the evolution of an angler; the search for pristine waters, those wild representatives of unaltered ecosystems.

The sum of these two values turns SALVELINUS into an organization which is exceptional in Spain. I have now been an angler for 35 years and until now I have never felt so in tune with my hosts in this – for me – new fishing destination in northern Aragón.

It was also my first guided trip and I hope to go on another one soon. Of course, I haven´t forgotten the your splendid hospitality and those exceptional meals

Thank you again for everything.

Lorenzo Milá Madrid, Spain

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