The Pyrenees – a “hot – spot”

Can you keep a secret?

I know where trout fishing paradise is and I will share my secret with you. Iván Tarín, my friend and fishing guide, helped me discover it. Iván entered my life more than 10 years ago. Since then he has shown me - in spring, summer and autumn – the best trout waters in both high mountain and mid height mountain areas

Our daily fishing adventures started from the lodges of Santa Cilia or Arén. We became firm friends and he took me to his secret favourite fishing spots. Why?

I think he liked the way I approach nature. I am not one of those anglers who is in a hurry to catch a lot of fish, you know the sort - running up and down rivers and whipping the waters with the fly on the end of his line. The sort of angler who – empty – handed after an hour´s fishing claims that there aren`t any trout in the river or the guide is to blame because he is not a real professional

I improved my Technique

There were a lot of fish in every one of the fishing spots Iván took me to, but catching them was another thing altogether. Iván taught me how to enter the water as quietly as possible, keeping an eye on the surface, enjoying the smell of the river, looking for the currents, interpreting the songs of the birds there as an invitation to join them.

We don´t fish trout as such.

We are more like hunters as we stalk trout. If there is no movement on the surface we cautiously move upstream c until we reencounter a “hot spot”

These spots are not very large but the trout there seem very active. We then observe the type of insect being swept along and we tie on the best imitation we have. Iván showed me the best way to present the fly to the trout and the results are really great!

What is my Definition of a Great Day´s Fishing?

Without taking small trout into account, an excellent day´s fishing means catching from 5 to 10 trout of between 20 to 24 inch long in those “hot spots” reserved specially for anglers with the right mental approach.

Spending a day in the Pyrenees with the guide I consider to be the best in this region – Iván Tarín creates the feeling that it is a real privilege to be able to carry out this “trout hunting “ I really do think it is a special art.

You´ll know where these “hot spots” are if Iván takes you there. Promise you won´t tell anyone!

Regards from my Paradise.

Marinus Heer

Dutch. Retired. Lives in Palma de Mallorca since 1981

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