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Hello, my name is Iván and I will try to share my river-side fishing experiences in this blog.

Here you will find stories, ideas, arguments, curiosities and thoughts based on photographs and videos that I found interesting.

Hope you like it!!

Salvelinus have been nominated as best 2017 International Destination of the Year by Orvis Endorsed Awards.

Señor Barbel

Barbel fishing in some spots where SALVELINUS guides in the Pyrenees, offer spectacular surroundings, gin clear waters for sight fishing and great fight.

We are pleased to announce that we have been recognized as a TripAdvisor® Certificate of Excellence. This prizes is given to the companies that had the best valorations by its users.

This prizes is given to the companies that had the best valorations by its users. Salvelinus had been voted as the best fly-fishing adventures enterprise through out the year. The Salvelinus team is very proud with this prize and is trully compromised in continue offering the best guidance and the warmest welcome to all its guests in the future.

Patagonia is my home for January and February. Each season I need to come back.

Not just bones. Great fishing, great scenery, excellent guides. I will come back for sure...

The trip to Cuba is now booked for 13-22 November 2015. If you are interested, tell me to book you the place!

I have been visiting one of the most productive areas in the world for bone fish, in Cuba. I will be back!

I went to Cuba last November for bones and baby tarpons, no doubt it was 100% adrenaline

La Havana is a great city to enjoy and cubans are great great people. I will come back

Helicopter experiences in remote areas in Patagonia is one of those things I love to do

Iván Tarín in King Fishers

Ivan Tarin, the one and only representative of our country participating in King Fishers, the series from National Geographic, which will show your opponents the secrets of fly fishing in the Pyrenees.

Salvelinus on TV

We travelled all around Northern Spain, fly-fishing from the rough iced rock to the wild green rivers, visiting from the abandoned village to the crowded Pamplona Sanfermines Festival for the TV series "Destination:Spain"

Adrián Duflocq has been guide of many celebs, included Hemingway.

What a funny and satisfying fishing!

To sleep near the fishing spot is the best idea if you want to fish till the end of the day.